The Samaritans Club holds annual meeting

September 18, 2013

Members of The Samaritans Club, a 120 member annual giving club of Samaritan Hospital Foundation(SHF), held their annual meeting at Samaritan on Main. The forty members present included some members of STAR Club, the Samaritan Hospital employees' annual giving club. Dr. Phil Myers, VP of Medical Affairs at SRHS; Richard Beal, President of SHF; Jerry Seiter, Bev Spreng and Mona Campbell of SHF presented organizational updates at the meeting. Bev Iceman, Director of Patient Services and Mary Neff, Director of Surgery at Samaritan Hospital updated the group and shared a power point presentation about the renovation of the Med/Surg/Peds, ICU and Post Anesthesia Care Units underway at Samaritan Hospital.
The Samaritans Club meets annually to learn about what’s new and what’s happening at Samaritan Regional Health System and Samaritan Hospital Foundation and to vote on equipment to purchase for SRHS with their accumulated dues. The club’s $20,000 in dues was matched by $22,000 from SHF allowing the club members to select for purchase: a Life Pack 12 monitor and a Slit Lamp for examining eyes for the Emergency Department; a digital camera which attaches to a microscope for the lab; and a Panda Warmer (which keeps newborns warm while they’re being stabilized immediately following birth) for the Birthing and Women’s Unit.
Those interested in becoming a member of the Samaritans Club should contact Samaritan Hospital Foundation at 419-207-7900.

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